“Dr. Jay Lombard is a visionary and an innovator. He's also a one of a kind talent- a physician who operates at the intersection between brain biology and emotional well being.”

-Patrick J. Kennedy, United States Congressman (D-RI) 1994-2010

“Jay Lombard offers his patients, and those of us who are his colleagues a rare combination of virtues: visionary thinking, careful scientific investigation, a critical eye for limiting and dangerous dogma, and a kind and comprehensive clinical approach. I refer patients to him with confidence and gratitude.”

- James S Gordon, MD, Founder and Executive Director The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and Clinical professor of Psychiatry and family Medicine, Georgetown Medical School

“Dr. Lombard is part Sherlock Holmes part Sigmund Freud.”

-Jay Walker, Founder of Ted Med

“Jay Lombard is a behavioral neurologist with one of the most brilliant and creative minds in treating patients with intractable disease. Not only a leader in his field but Lombard also puts his heart and soul into his work to bring the best outcome for his patients. He truly was born to serve. His ability to look at disease from a 360-degree perspective is remarkable. If there’s a problem, he calls upon his tireless tenacity and faith to find a solution. Any patient would be lucky to have Jay fighting for him.”

- Kathleen O'Connell, Director of Transforming Medicine, The Elizabeth Kauffman Institute

“Dr. Lombard is one of the true pioneers in forward-thinking neurology. His intense patient advocacy partnered with his innovative treatment models have brought healing to many patients that the rest of the medical world has given up on. Jay never stops learning and I am thankful to have been his student and to have had the opportunity to team-teach other physicians with him. And I strongly suspect that the future of neurology that none of us yet see is hiding in Jay’s brain somewhere. “
-David Haase, MD MaxWell Clinic Bestselling Author - "Curiosity Heals the Human"

“Throughout my 30 years as a medical doctor, the center of my training and work was to provide the highest medical care with compassion. This all changed when I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Jay Lombard, when I learned the true meaning of what is to be compassionate and caring while achieving professional excellence. Dr. Lombard is always seeking the most advanced medicine, with nothing in mind other than to better serve his patients. His brilliant mind, equal dedication to the underprivileged and the most affluent society, and superb clinical acumen is combined with personal excellence and unsurpassed neurological care.

-Marc Abreu, MD, Director of BTT Medical Institute , President of the Research & Teaching Council for Moriah Hospital San Paulo Brazil , Former Clinical Faculty Yale University School of Medicine, Former Clinical Faculty Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Jay Lombard is a leader in the field of Integrative Neuropsychiatry. His cutting-edge approach in both seeing patients as well as a world-class educator are equaled to none.
- Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS, Founder, Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine

“If I were looking for a neurologist for myself or my patients, my first choice would be Dr. Lombard. He is not only encyclopedic is his knowledge and clinical acumen, but he shows a level of compassion that is difficult to teach and harder still to find.

-Dan Lukaczer MD, Director of Medical Education Institute for Functional Medicine

“There is a blend between technical competency and human understanding that most practitioners lack. It deprives them of a unique insight to solutions.  Jay Lombard is blessed with a comprehensive understanding of the body and soul and has made a truly remarkable contributions to many.  I am fortunate that he has been a part of our family.”

 -Joseph Anton, Founding Partner Anton Lucas Investment Banking Firm, Boston MA

“Dr. Jay Lombard is the real Dr. House.”

-Dr. Chris Renna, Director of Lifespan Medicine and co author of Balance your Brain, Balance your Life

“Caring, brilliant and heart-centered, Dr. Jay Lombard is on the leading edge of integrative and functional neurology. He provides patients with the personalized care that they need most on their healing journey.”
-Kathie M Swift, MS RDN LDN FAND Nutritionist

“I know of no one like Dr. Lombard. On one hand, he is a medical genius... yet he has incredible compassion for his patients, takes their concerns to heart and stays with them from diagnosis through treatment. Dr. Lombard, as the Talmud would say, was “destined to help others.” He searches for everything until he finds the best treatment options with his brilliance, selflessness, kindness and humility.”

-Dr. Rabbi Noson Gurary

“Dr. Lombard is an incredibly wise, kind and caring physician. He possessed a wealth of knowledge, and years of experience in the field of neuropsychiatry. He is a wonderful diagnostician and is fully committed to each of his patients. He works tirelessly to find the right treatment for each one of his patients. I am fortunate to have found him for my medical needs.”
-JA, Patient of Dr. Lombard

“Dr. Lombard's dedication to his patients, including me, is truly a sign of his undying commitment and love for his profession as a Neurologist. There aren't enough words to express the depth of our gratitude we have for his help and hope he continues to give us. “

-Hollye and Brad M, Patient of Dr. Lombard

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