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Blum Center for Health is the first Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Education Center in Westchester County to provide extensive services to treat the whole person, rather than the disease itself. 

Dr. Lombard has a passion for solving the most difficult and puzzling neurological cases.  

With appointments available now at Blum Center for Health, come see Dr. Lombard if you have:  

  • Seen many specialists and still haven’t figured out what’s wrong.  Dr. Lombard calls this “SWAN”: symptoms without a name.
  • Been struggling with a neurological diagnosis and want to understand your options, including dietary and functional approaches.
  • A history of head trauma and have persistent symptoms.

Dr. Lombard sees patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays in person at Blum Center for Health and is also available for remote educational appointments via Blum Center’s online educational platform.

tel: 914-652-7800
For more information visit