Dr. Olivia provides oversight on medical information, research and nutrients. Dr. Olivia provides health and lifestyle coaching to clients internationally, along with a comprehensive live-in intensive program.

Dr. Olivia has degrees in International Relations majoring in French and Diplomacy, and Medicine and Surgery with an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine. After receiving her medical degree, Dr. Olivia spent time in Nepal and the Solomon Islands working in remote hospitals. On her return to Australia, she guest-lectured on Development Aid at Bond University and volunteered as a jet ski doctor on the Gold Coast while completing her residency. In addition, she has served on the Medical Rescue Charity Foundation's Board of Directors and, in pursuit of adventure, did her Aeromedical Evacuation Certification, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, got her motorcycle license and served as a medic on a 3000 km (1864 mile) adventure race through India in 2018.

Dr. Olivia was nominated for Excellence in Practice at the 2019 Bioceuticals Integrative Medicine Awards.

Dr. Olivia has settled into her love of Functional and Integrative Medicine, treating the patient as a whole and focusing on preventative health and patient education. Dr. Olivia is also the skin check doctor for the Australian melanoma charity movement Beard Season and regularly collaborates with Dr. Sandra Cabot, The Liver Doctor.

Patients who suffer chronic and complex neurological diseases are usually referred to Dr Lesslar for parallel assessment. Dr. Lesslar in tandem with Dr. Lombard will help formulate foundation health strategies. This honors a holistic approach to health and recovery, ensuring that patients are armed with the tools for life-long wellness.

Dr. Lesslar can be reached at DROLIVIALESSLAR@GMAIL.COM or via social media @DROLIVIALESSLAR.