Connecting Science To The Soul

Dr. Jay Lombard is an internationally acclaimed neurologist, author, and keynote speaker who creates solutions for brain health and intractable neurological disorders. Dr. Lombard integrates biological, psychological, and existential components in his holistic treatment approach. 

Clinical Practice

Dr. Lombard has a passion for solving the most difficult and puzzling neurological cases.  Blum Center for Health is the first Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Education Center in Westchester County to provide extensive services to treat the whole person, rather than the disease.


Dr. Lombard has been published extensively in medical textbooks, peer-reviewed papers, and medical journals. He has authored several popular nonfiction works related to the effects of nutrition on the brain including The Brain Wellness Plan.


Dr. Jay Lombard is the creator, co-founder, and chief scientific officer at Genomind, a personalized medicine company bringing innovation to mental health care through genetic testing. Genomind is committed to partnering with clinicians to improve their patients’ lives.

Watch This

Fox News: Spirited Debate, June 2017 -  Dr. Jay Lombard reveals his theory that 'the mind of God' exists, and to what extent it is revealed to humans

The chief scientific officer of Genomind, Dr. Jay Lombard, says psychiatry needs objective biomarkers for diagnosis, and that solutions are on the way thanks to genetics, proteomics and epigenics.