Our Practice


At Neuroimmune Associates, we provide a holistic approach to serve our patients. Our philosophy of medicine is unique as we believe in collaboration and communication across medical disciplines to foster a team approach. Our consultants are highly trained in Neurology, Psychiatry, Allergy, Immunology, Pediatrics and Functional Medicine.

As part of the process of becoming a new patient we would like to know every relevant detail about your health. We believe the more we know the more equipped we are to answer the most difficult questions and provide practical solutions to help you. We offer state of the art diagnostics and cutting edge treatment strategies developed in house by experts in the Immune system, GI tract and Nervous System. As our goal is to empower you we also offer health coaching and most importantly, compassionate and accessible care.

Upon entering the practice as a new patient, Dr. Lombard will conduct an initial neurological evaluation. The evaluation may include Advanced Brain Imaging Analysis, Neurogenetic Testing, and a detailed Immunological Panel. Dr. Lombard will then create a comprehensive treatment plan based upon our Neurological, Immunological, and Functional Medicine Analysis. Dr. Lombard may also consult with Dr. Anne Maitland, Allergist & Immunologist for complex Immunological conditions and Dr. Olivia Lesslar for chronic Neurological disease.


Dr. Lombard Is Now Accepting NEW PATIENTS. Please Kindly Contact Our Office To Schedule An Appointment!