Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life: 28 Days To Feeling Better Than You Ever Have

 Dr. Lombard and Dr. Chris Renna have teamed up for this book that Mehmet Oz described as ground breaking in the field of psychology and medicine. The authors, who have worked together clinically for over 20 years, provide extraordinary insights into brain imbalances and the relationship to common problems each of us are challenged with, and most importantly how to address these without the use of psychotropic drugs


The Brain Wellness Plan: Breakthrough Medical, Nutritional, And Immune-Boosting Therapies

The Brain Wellness plan was truly a ground breaking book as the time it was published  in 1995 such concepts such as neuroprotection and neuroregeneration were regarded as impossible. Dr. Lombard discussed the use of Coq10 and omega fish oil for use in brain disorders, the use of anti inflammatory approaches to autism and key amino acids such as S adenosylmethionine for depression.

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