“Dr. Lombard’s musings on God, consciousness, and neuroscience are both inspiring, insightful and thought-provoking. This book, which ultimately stresses that we live in a participatory universe, should awaken new connections in our understanding of exhilarating relationship between reality, reason, and faith.”


Author of the New York Times bestseller, You Are The Universe

Featured in the New York Times

Is there a God?

For fans of Deepak Chopra, Rudy Tanzi, and Andrew Newberg. A renowned neurologist provides insights to some of the most curious spiritual questions we all face through his exploration of the brain.

Is there a God? Does my life have purpose? Do we have free will? Does evil exist? What happens when we die?

For Dr. Jay Lombard, these metaphysical questions are a jumping-off point for his study of the brain in search of the seat of the soul. It is neuroscience, the author contends, and our brains interpret what’s going on around us that can lead us to a deeper and more fulfilling faith.

Mixing his experiences in the medical field (including compelling case studies such as the male patient who really thought he was pregnant and a woman who literally scared herself to death) along with his own life stories and visionary insight into spirituality, Lombard leads us to discover more about the nature of faith—and what we can do to focus our beliefs in a positive direction. From here, Lombard demonstrates how our brains are designed for empathy, compassion, and connection with one another and how this positively affects brain health and regeneration.

If you want to find more meaning in your life or are searching for a deeper understanding of science and the soul, then this book can lead to an exciting transformation in the way you see the world around you. The Mind of God is a lesson in enriching the human experience through faith—a faith invigorated and enlightened by science, rather than at odds with it.

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